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Sine Mora Ex

Watch Sine Mora EX running on the Nintendo Switch

We play the first 10 minutes to show you how the new version looks.

We loved the original Sine Mora when it launched five years ago on the Xbox 360. Now, Digital Reality & Grasshopper Manufacture's unique collaboration is landing this year on current-gen platforms in the form of Sine Mora EX, and after releasing on Xbox One and PS4, it launched today on Nintendo Switch.

In the following gameplay clip, we've captured the first ten minutes of a new game. Just as it happened with PS Vita and mobile devices, the game can be played anywhere thanks to the Switch's handheld functionality, and now with increased visual fidelity.

It's also worth adding that the "EX" suffix also means an expansion in terms of content, as this new version includes English voice acting, local co-op for two players (the most requested feature for the original), and new modes and levels.

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