Surgeon Simulator 2

Watch real surgeons compete against influencers in a Surgeon Simulator 2 showdown

The event will pit medical skills against gaming skills in the wacky simulator title.

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Bossa Studios, creator of the brilliantly wacky Surgeon Simulator series is pitting real, qualified surgeons against a group of influencers in the first Surgeon Simulator 2 Twitch Showdown. Set to take place later today, Saturday October 17, the event will put real medical skills to the test, in a game often regarded as a completely accurate medical training simulator.

The streamed event will pit Daniel "RT Game" Condren and Kevin "Call Me Kevin" O'Reilly against the US-based OBGYN Dr. Danielle Jones (MamaDoctorJones) and UK GP Registrar Dr. Idris Morgan (Doctor Mim). Starting at 7pm BST (8pm CEST), you can find the stream right here.

This event comes shortly after Bossa Studios announced that it was making Surgeon Simulator 2 free to NHS workers for a limited time, with its NHSNHSS (NHS: National Handout of Surgeon Simulator Initiative) programme. For players interested in trying out the title, you can pick it up today, for £19.99 on the Epic Games Store.

Surgeon Simulator 2

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