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Watch out for chat bots on PSN

NeoGAF user Militaratus shared his experience with one such chat bot.

This might be the strangest read of the week, as someone called Militaratus on NeoGAF has posted a conversation he had with a chat bot on PlayStation Network, and the story is a pretty good warning for all of us to be careful as to who we talk to.

Chat bots are nothing new, but it's the first time we've heard about them showing up on PSN (although it was probably only a matter of time). As you can see from the conversation over at this link, it starts off somewhat normal, but after some resistance the bot reveals itself. The intention was to get this random PSN user to click a link with the prospect of watching something unsuitable for minors, but Militaratus saw through it.

There you have it. Remember to be careful, and preferably not click on links from providers you don't trust. Have you experienced anything similar on PSN?

Watch out for chat bots on PSNWatch out for chat bots on PSNWatch out for chat bots on PSN

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