Watch our video on Conqueror's Blade, get free items, and play the game FREE today!

The strategic MMO has just launched its first season - Seize the Crown - and we're preparing for a livestream next week to celebrate.

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Conqueror's Blade is a fresh take on the strategic MMO genre, and one that combines weighty combat with light movement, character control with broader strategy unit management, and epic single-player storytelling with MMO social systems.

Season 1 - Seize the Crown has just launched, and it brings a wealth of updates to the game including a Battle pass. This means you can create a Warlord, explore the open world, take on epic 15v15 online Siege battles, and join forces with players around the world by creating or joining a house.

It's a game of duality for sure, and one that we think you should try. After all, it's entirely free and available right now, so watch our video below and then follow the three simple steps to get playing today, with your very own Crested Great helm and HWACHA Arrow Launcher!


To get playing right now for free and claim your HWACHA Arrow Launcher and Crested Great Helm simply follow these three steps:


Register for the game right here.


Get your code for a Crested Great Helm (limited quantity!) here.


Redeem your Helmet code here.

Conqueror's BladeConqueror's Blade

Also make sure to watch our Livestream of the game on Monday, October 7, as we'll be heading in to try it for ourselves.

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Conqueror's Blade

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