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Resident Evil Resistance

Watch our highlights of playing Resident Evil Resistance

We try out both side of the new asymmetric 4v1 multiplayer that's landing alongside Resident Evil 3.

We recently got our hands on Resident Evil 3 at an event in London (you can read our impressions right here), but that was only half of our day with Capcom. After lunch, we sat down around a cluster of computers with a bunch of our peers and played Resident Evil Resistance, the standalone multiplayer game that's launching alongside the RE3 remake. In the video below you'll see our gameplay highlights.

If that's not enough, however, you can read our hands-on preview and see a couple more exclusive clips that show off a non-final version of the upcoming 4v1 multiplayer game, where one player is an evil mastermind who must kill a team of four as they try to escape.

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