Watch official tips for SnowRunner

In a new video, SnowRunner's creative director teaches you how to improve in this demanding simulator.

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SnowRunner is a tough game, where an innocent mistake can force you to start all over again. With a vast open world, various types of trucks, weather conditions, a realistic physics system, and different types of terrain, there are many variables that you will find along your treacherous path, so you better get all the help that comes your way.

This time, that help comes directly from Oliver Hollis-Leick, the game's creative director, who shared several useful tips with players through the video that you can see below. For more on SnowRunner, please check our review right here.


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REVIEW. Written by Roy Woodhouse

"Snow was well and truly what the doctor ordered and this is a hugely entertaining outing that lets you get to grips with some truly adverse terrain."

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