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F1 2017

Watch Lando Norris testing F1 2017

Admire how the young Brit drives classic McLarens.

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The young British driver Lando Norris isn't only famous for his numerous victories in car racing, but he's also a known for his video game passion, and he proved that he can be as comfortable in simulations as he is on the track. For the upcoming release of F1 2017, he tested different McLarens - MP4/4, MP4/6, MP4/13 and MP4-23 - on a shortened version of the Suzuka circuit, and the results are impressive.

During this session, the driver shared his feelings and his impressions on the driving of the different cars. Currently in trials to move from F3 to F1, he admits having had a lot of fun on Codemasters' incoming title:

"It was also a really nice experience to get to re-live several chapters of McLaren's past by driving classic cars from 1988, 1991, '98 and 2008, each representing a world championship success for the team. The 2008 title-winning car has tons of downforce, and is a lot of fun to throw about. The heritage cars are really the icing on the cake."

F1 2017 will be released on August 25 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Could you take Norris on in a race?

F1 2017

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