The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Watch how we try to speedrun Zelda: Link's Awakening E3 demo

We just had 15 minutes and can only show you 10 minutes, but we made it some way into the dungeon.

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The demo for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening that we got our hands on at Nintendo's private press area in LA during E3 2019 was as charming as it was brief... so we played it twice to get a better taste of it.

By doing so - something that will also happen to those who played the Game Boy original - we had worked out where to go and how to take shortcuts, and so we turned our second run into a speedrun of sorts, trying to reach the very end of the demo within the 15-minute time limit.

And we almost made it. Below you can watch our quicker attempt at the demo, in an edited 10-minute gameplay clip. It goes from waking up at home - where we meet Zelda Marin and Tarin and get the Hylian Shield - to the depths of the very first dungeon in the game, the Tail Cave.

In between we explore the first areas of Koholint Island as we unveil them on the new map, including Mabe Village, Toronbo Shores (where we collect the sword and the Owl tells us about the Wind Fish), the Mysterious Forest (where, naturally, we meet the Witch and the Raccoon), and some parts of the Koholint Prairie. The main goal? To obtain Roc's Feather to be able to jump over Goombas just like, well, just like Mario.

But take a look yourself and beware - there's maximum cuteness ahead!


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