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Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 - No Compromise DLC

Ending the Season Pass with a quiet bang.

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Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is no stranger to the idea of sex, and in the first mission of the new No Compromise DLC, called Moscow Gambit, the sex is back. Here we get to see the extravagant side of the porn industry, and by that we mean that there are robots involved (don't ask). It's a fantastic opening section that's both interesting and funny, but after this strong start, unfortunately, the quality goes downhill.

The following missions see you sneaking in and out of restricted areas and taking out guards, and it's here that the DLC falls into a rhythm you'll be more familiar with. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, we don't really think it was worth the wait. If DLC has to convince fans to pick up a game they've put down ages ago, then the quality needs to be higher than basic side-mission stuff set in new locations. There's a four-wheeled attempt to branch out - for example, there's a short mission where you have to catch the attention of the police by driving through the streets of San Francisco like a madman - and while this was a good idea on paper, the driving mechanics just aren't good enough to justify it.

The DLC also throws in ekart, motocross, and drone races, but again these modes seem to be lacking in substance, with the driving mechanics again being to the detriment of the overall experience (apart from the drones, obviously). With comparisons being drawn to Grand Theft Auto at times, trying to compete with Rockstar's racing doesn't seem particularly wise, and it feels like races were just added because these features were already a part of the game. We're also wondering why cars aren't available for racing, as these are by far the easiest vehicles to control.

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Watch Dogs 2

The two new weapons are fun to mess around with, especially the paintball assault rifle, which can make for the most colourful murder scenes. On top of that, there's a shotgun that blasts out air, but you need to get really close to see any real results (it is a shotgun after all). Basically, both guns are good for messing around with, but are terrible when it comes to deadly combat.

Then again, that's what we love most about Watch Dogs 2; Ubisoft has given us creative tools, allowing us to craft our own story against the backdrop of their take on San Francisco. With new costumes that (finally) allow you to run around in crocs, the aforementioned new guns, and a selection of new toys to play around with, No Compromise keeps up this light-hearted tone, which is something we very much appreciated.

The previous DLC for Watch Dogs 2 also reflects this attitude nicely. The first DLC, the T-Bone content bundle, included an armoured school bus and a mode called Mayhem, and although Human Conditions was a bit drier, it still had additions such as new missions, the Jammer enemy, and fresh threads to keep you looking cool. That's not even mentioning the smaller DLC packs, which add psychedelic clothing and more cool gear to your arsenal.

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Previous content drops also fleshed out the experience with new missions. Human Conditions, for example, added a meaty five hours of play-time, and there are extra missions in all of the other packs (apart from the psychedelic one), with tasks ranging from hunting down a copycat of the infamous criminal known as the Zodiac Killer, to taking on the Russian mob. There's plenty of extras to spice up your collection of gear too, with new vehicles, clothing, equipment, and more.

Despite its seemingly childish exterior, Watch Dogs 2 is a game for grownups, the sexually explicit opening of No Compromise being the biggest indicator of this duality. This is where No Compromise is at its best. However, when you start dipping into the racing, it's then that it loses its unique flavour. While we enjoyed this final piece of Season Pass DLC, ultimately we wish there had been a bit more personality added to some of the story missions.

Watch Dogs 2
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The first mission in Moscow Gambit is great, New weapons.
Cars are lacking in online races, Story mission is a bit too short.
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