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Watch a YouTuber make a PC out of pasta

What looks like a real lasagne is really an 'impasta', and the key ingredient to this new recipe is PC components from Asus

  • Text: Ben Lyons

In today's day and age, creative PC builds are becoming more and more common, especially since getting the hardware necessary to do it is much easier. Still, making a lasagne with enough processing power to play a video game seems far-fetched, but not impossible, as one man proved.

YouTuber Micah Laplante put his culinary skills to the test as he cooks up a new type of Italian fusion, blending all the classic tastes of the European country with the best Asus has to offer. What came from it was a functioning system, powerful enough to play games and stream media from it.

The project started with stripping the original Asus Notebook to its bare components, before structuring the remaining pieces on a bed of lasagne. To hold the project together, the only suitable substance was a delicious tomato and garlic sauce. Truthfully, Laplante used hot glue, coloured in a deep red, to fool the fleeting eye about its real nature.

Once everything had been assembled and a few rigatoni vents had been installed to keep the system cool. The time had come for a taste test... sorry, a tech test. Astoundingly, the system worked pretty efficiently, until the Windows software on the Notebook started failing and requiring years' worth of updates. It is worth saying the system was incredibly delicate and won't be the start of a new line of gaming, so don't expect iterations of the Sony Macaroni anytime soon.

To really cap off the video, Laplante put the system through its toughest test yet, an actual taste test. He boiled up some water and let the pasta cook before giving it a final send-off, saying: "you serve a higher cause now" and trying out his latest creation. Needless to say, the pasta-computer hybrid looked far from appetising.

Whilst this is most likely the end of the pasta gaming experience which gave way to a whole new meaning of 'playing with your food', it was still rather entertaining to watch.

What other foods would you like to see be converted into a processing powerhouse?