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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Watch 25 minutes of gameplay from WoW's new starting zone

We bring you on a journey through the new WoW starting zone which was designed to instruct new players on how to play the game.

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Learning how to play World of Warcraft back in the day was no simple task, but Blizzard has made several efforts over the years to smooth that learning curve. Still, WoW is not exactly an easy game to get into, not only in terms of mechanics but also the story, as the current experience has a completely broken continuity.

For Shadowlands, Blizzard intends to create a more accessible gaming experience, but also one that makes more sense in terms of plot, and for that, it will implement a series of changes. In an article that we will publish soon, we will detail some these changes, but one of the highlights is the new starting area, designed to teach players about the various game mechanics.

Several elements of the initial area are still unfinished, but it is already possible to see how the missions and the plot of this area were designed to carry the player up until level 10 and beyond. Below you can watch approximately 25 minutes from this new starting area from an Alliance side (sorry Hordies, your area is still not available).

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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