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Trackmania Nations Forever

Watch 20,000 cars race on a single Trackmania course

Spetacular video sets new record.

Have you ever thought what might happen if 20,000 cars appeared simultaneously in a Trackmania course? If so, now you can see what it would look like. A player with the username L4Bomb4 created a project that brings together 20,000 cars from other players' replays, and renders them all at the same time in one course (well, kind of).

According to L4Bomb4, the process took over 300 hours to complete, and they had to use some tricks to include all vehicles in the video (it seems that the game can not process mode than 12,000 cars at the same time). But enough technical details, visit L4Bomb4's YouTube page and enjoy the amazing spectacle. You'll never look at rush hour the same again.

Trackmania Nations Forever

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