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Yo-kai Watch 4

Watch 10 minutes of Yo-kai Watch 4 on the Switch

Is it supposed to be this creepy?

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Level-5 will be releasing Yo-Kai Watch 4 on Nintendo Switch next year, during the Spring (in Japan, at least). This is the first in the series to feature entirely new graphics and gameplay elements, made possible by the jump from 3DS to the Switch. How different does it look? Well, you can now check over 10 minutes of gameplay which has been released by Level-5 themselves.

Be warned though, as the video is in Japanese. Perhaps that adds to a weird creepy vibe we got from certain parts of the trailer, especially when they started pulling the heart out of a semi-skinless man with a massive head. Don't believe us? Then check around the 7:20 mark and see it for yourself.

Yo-kai Watch 4

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