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Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 will be a "nice 'jumping-on' point" for new players

We sat down with InXile Entertainment's Tim Campbell at Gamescom to talk about the upcoming action RPG Wasteland 3.

While the release of Wasteland 3 was pushed into 2020 after the Microsoft acquisition earlier this year, RPG fans are as excited as ever for the third instalment in the popular franchise. We spoke to InXile Entertainment's Tim Campbell at Gamescom just recently and regardless of your knowledge of the series, you'll have a good time playing. Campbell explained:

"I think it actually strikes a good balance between both of those [the previous Wasteland games]. Wasteland 3 takes place after Wasteland 2 chronologically, so the rangers have gone ahead and wrapped up Wasteland 2. I don't want to give any spoilers for people who haven't played it, but the rangers are basically in a hard spot after the game before this. They're kind of desperate, they're needing help. they're needing supplies and they're really struggling to find their footing in the new era and that's when the Patriarch's call comes in, you get this radio call from the ruler of Colorado and he effectively strikes a bargain with you: that he will provide the supplies to help the rangers continue on but he needs you to come and help solve a succession crisis".

"Chronologically, we tell the next chapter of the story but because it takes place in a very different setting, Wasteland 2 was in the desert, in Wasteland 3 you move from Arizona and you've now travelled a long distance to Colorado, to this frigid, nuclear winter hellscape that they have, it effectively is a nice 'jumping-on' point for new players who haven't played. I think players who are returning will find a lot to like because it continues, there are some characters that actually span both games that they'll recognise".

So Wasteland 3 will bring e nice challenge and a great experience for veterans and new players alike. Speaking of great experiences, the series has always had its players choose where they want to stand with the factions they're interacting with and that's no different in Wasteland 3.

"We build our world and we build our quests and our NPCs in a way that you can do anything you want in any order, you can kill critical story NPCs and the world will react to that and keep going," Campbell said before continuing, "You're able to befriend the bad guys, you're able to attack the good guys, you're able to mix and how you want to play it will be different from how other people are going to play it, so you'll see the world react and unfold in a different way".

"The world map is one one of the ways that we show this because it's this frigid landscape that you can drive around on and a lot of games really holds your hand or kind of guides you and that's not really what we're about at inXile. With these games, we really like to leave it up to the players to define their own story so we have this landscape, you have a vehicle that you can upgrade and we let you loose into the world, and you can explore it however you want to explore it".

You can check the interview in its entirety below if you so wish, but to play the game, we all have to wait for its release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in spring of 2020.

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