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Marvel's Avengers

Warzone missions in Avengers are "awesome fun"

The game is split into campaign missions and Warzone missions, which are where you'll be enjoying co-op play.

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During a recent preview of Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix's Avengers in London, we got to hear about how the game is split when it comes to missions - those for the campaign and those called Warzone - and lead producer Rose Hunt talked to us in the interview below about the difference between them.

"So the difference between the campaign and the Warzone missions is the campaign are primarily single-player missions. You're gonna go through and it's gonna be very story-driven, and you're gonna have opportunities to join up with the other Avengers that are controlled by AI, as you go through the story and you progress the campaign," she said.

"Then you start to open up those co-op Warzone missions, and then as you play more of both you open up more Warzones, more campaign missions, and it starts branching out."

"You can go down and you can play co-op for a weekend or you can play it just for an evening, and then come back to the story; you can choose how you play it."

"The gameplay that you open when you open up Warzones is the ability to play co-op with up to four people online, and that's awesome fun, because you can do so many different things when you're playing co-op."

"You complete a mission, you gain new gear, and you can continue to go down the co-op or you can come back to single-player campaign."

Crystal Dynamics promised us more details on co-op at the beginning of next year.

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Marvel's Avengers

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