Willow (Disney+)

Warwick Davis finds it embarrassing that Disney has removed the Willow series from Disney+

The actor wonders how he can tell fans they can't even watch the cancelled series anymore.

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Many of us were hoping that the sequel to the classic fantasy film Willow would be something special when it was revealed that it would be made as a TV series. However, it was met with cool criticism by many. In May, Disney also decided to remove the series from its streaming service, prompting actor Warwick Davis, who played Willow in the 1988 film and also in the series, to resort to X to show his obvious dissatisfaction with this.

"I meet lovely people on a daily basis who are fans of #Willow, who are the reason the @DisneyPlus Series was made. Please tell me @WaltDisneyCo, what do I say to these subscribers when they ask why they can't watch the series any more? #embarrassing."

Previously, the show's creator Jonathan Kasdan has said that rumours of the show being cancelled after just one season were exaggerated and has since explained it further: "A decision was made last week to release our main cast for other series opportunities that may arise for them in the coming year. With all the TV and movies in production around the world, it feels unfair to limit an actor's availability without a clear sense of when you're going to need them again. It's further trivialised by the simple reality that the scripts we've been working on require just as many actors with whom no such contractual hold exists."

But it's clear that Disney doesn't seem keen to continue the series and that Warwick is unhappy that even the first season is no longer available. It remains to be seen if his post will make anyone reconsider.

Willow (Disney+)

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