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Warriors Orochi 4

Warriors Orochi 4 coming to PS4 / Switch with 170 characters

We get a glimpse at the game's content.

The more, the merrier? It seems that way for Omega Force and Koei Tecmo, as the next entry in the Warriors series will feature 170 playable characters, a huge number not easily seen in this industry, and this news comes from Famitsu online, who has a sneak peek on the Warriors Orochi 4 report coming on Thursday in Weekly Famitsu.

Although this is just a few tips and a look at tiny scans, the report reveals that there will new characters among these 170 fighters, as well as a new attack with a name similar to "God art action". The website also reveals that Warriors Orochi 4 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

If you need reminding, it's called Warriors Orochi 3 in Japan since we follow different naming in the West, so don't get confused if you're seeing conflicting names elsewhere. Do you think more fighters is a good thing?

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Warriors Orochi 4
Warriors Orochi 4

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