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Warriors Orochi 4

Warriors Orochi 4 coming in 2018

We only have a brief teaser trailer so far.

Omega Force and Koei Tecmo have revealed that Warriors Orochi 4 will be coming this year in Japan, although the teaser trailer we received didn't mention any details like platforms, western release, or anything else, so all we have is the knowledge that it's coming sometime soon.

The Orochi series is in the same ilk at the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and you may have noticed that there's a 3 splattered all over the marketing for 4. This is because the second game, entitled 2 in the West, was called by a different name in Japan, hence why the numbering is off. For more on this new game though, you can keep an eye on the official website.

What are your hopes and fears for this new Orochi game?

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Warriors Orochi 4

Thanks, Gematsu.

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