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System Shock 3

Warren Spector signs up to work on System Shock 3

Deus Ex creator also working on Ultima Underworld spiritual successor Underworld Ascendant.

Warren Spector might not be a name younger gamers know all that well. He's best known for relatively old, but beloved, games. Both Deus Ex and System Shock came from Spector's young mind, and he had a hand in Ultima too.

Since the launch of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Spector has stepped away from the industry. The reason for this is that he has devoted his time to building a new post-baccalaureate game development program at the University of Texas in Austin. But after this semester, that's over.

This is because OtherSide Entertainment has announced that Spector will join them full time when this semester ends. Up until now he's been a Creative Advisor at the studio, but will now devote all his time to the studio.

At first he's going to help with the last development stages of Underworld Ascendant. After that you might say he's going back to his roots by leading the development of System Shock 3.

It'll be interesting to see what Spector can produce together with OtherSide. But you could say that his choice of projects are kind of ironic as he himself has, in the past, said that the games industry lacks originality and depends too much on sequels. Still, you won't find us complaining about his return to the fold.

System Shock 3

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