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Grand Theft Auto VI

Warning: GTA VI hacker puts code and documents up for sale for $100,000

This includes the full story, game planning, vehicle information, weapons, advanced tactics system and more.

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Yesterday afternoon it looked like the hacking and subsequent massive leak of GTA VI gameplay and prototypes was entering a calmer phase once Rockstar acknowledged the leak and at the same time reassured fans that development would continue as normal. But it seems the hacker has no interest in lifting the boot off the studio's neck, and has just made public his intention to offer the entire Grand Theft Auto VI source code and documentation for sale for $100,000.

This documentation includes "the entire history of the game, information on vehicles and weapons, gameplay, funding, advanced tactical system and much more". The leaker also reports that he has repeatedly tried to contact Rockstar to seek a deal, but with no response, he has opted to set up a cryptocurrency payment method to get the money he desires.

Of course the situation is far from ideal, and his threat is clear: "They (Rockstar) say they're not going to stop development of their games...that's what they believe!".

Grand Theft Auto VI

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