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Warner Bros secures the movie rights to Space Invaders

It makes only slightly more sense than that Battleship movie.

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It seems only a few years ago that game sfans worldwide could only dream of ever seeing their favourite games turned into movies. Times have changed though, and even though it seemed the combination of games and movies had reached their most desperate end with Doom, Warner Bros now seems destined to surpass that experiment with a movie based on Taito's classic coin-muncher Space Invaders.

Rumors of a Space Invaders movie have been making the rounds the last couple of years, but Warner Bros is apparently the first company to properly sort the rights to the franchise out, which means work on a movie based on the license has now started.

The company has already hired producers Akiva Goldsman (I Robot, A Beautiful Mind), Joby Harold (Edge of Tomorrow) and Tory Tunnell to work on the project, but no timeline for a potential release has been mentioned yet.

Warner Bros secures the movie rights to Space Invaders
The proper way to experience Space Invaders until (and potentially after) the movie is released.

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