Warner Bros. considering a conference at future E3

David Haddad talks about the company at this year's E3.

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President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment David Haddad recently spoke in an interview about the popularity of recent releases from the company, as well as their success at E3 this year.

Regarding their presence at E3 Live, Haddad said that he thinks "a lot about how to keep E3 as powerful and relevant as possible. I like the addition of gamers invited to play games and talk about new games coming".

He said that "E3 is constantly changing and evolving, as it should" and that companies are always looking for new ways to keep gamers involved while still keeping E3 a platform for things like big announcements.

When asked why the company didn't have its own E3 press conference this year, Haddad responded that the big companies conducting press conferences are usually "slate-driven", going on to say "I believe that could be in our future. It didn't make sense for us this year".

Warner Bros. considering a conference at future E3

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