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Warframe's Plains of Eidolon Remaster lands on consoles

This graphical overhaul has lighting as a core focus, as well as the new Tusk Thumpers, resurfaced terrains, and more.

Digital Extremes has just launched the Plains of Eidolon Remaster for Warframe on consoles - Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One - and this brings a full graphical overhaul to the game using the technology created for the Fortuna content last autumn, including resurfaced terrains, textures, and the introduction of Tusk Thumpers.

This update is free for console players, and the lighting is a core focus of the remaster, bringing more god rays through detailed foliage, adding new texture details to this flora as well as the landscape.

Those using the K-Drive will also have new terrain to jump off and grind on, although watch out for the Tusk Thumpers, who can cause some issues. Tenno also have a new badge to earn for hunting and conserving three new animals in the Plains, not to mention Floofs to decorate their Orbiter.

You can check out the remaster in a dedicated trailer below. Will you jump back in to see how it looks?

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