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Warframe's new expansion explained

The Second Dream is the biggest update so far.

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Popular free-to-play title Warframe has got a new update on PC in the form of 'The Second Dream', the first expansion for the game to feature a new cinematic quest line.

The campaign follows the background story of Stalker, the Sentients, and the faction that the players control; the Tenno. Players can also find out more about what a Warframe actually is, and also have the option to use a new Warframe known as Ivara, a new archer-themed Warframe.

On top of this, Second Dream also comes with a new PvP map, Sortie missions, and a whole assortment of new weapons and gear. Digital Extremes is calling this the largest expansion to date.

However this new content drop is only available for PC right now, although "Console Tenno, don't fret. The Second Dream will reach Playstation 4 and Xbox One before the end of the year!"


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