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Warframe's Empyrean update is available now on consoles

This four-player co-op battleship experience expands the Warframe universe for the holiday season.

Digital Extremes has revealed that Warframe's four-player co-op battleship experience called Empyrean is available now for free on PS4 and Xbox One, letting these audiences battle in space against Grineer forces.

New and returning Tenno will cooperate to beat the enemy ships, and you'll need to protect the Railjack vessel, welding holes in the hull and putting out fires to stop enemy boarding, so it's more than just a dogfight.

The Railjack can be customised, and the experience is designed for squads, with more solo capabilities coming in 2020. There's even a Free Flight Mode to test out the Railjack, which has technology like cloaking fields to utilise.

There are new game systems with this update as well, including Intrinsics for an RPG-like progression system, building your own skills by using points. Then there are Avionics, upgradeable powers for your vessels, as well as components and armaments to consider as well.

Building the Dry Dock and Railjack requires resources available in-game and the marketplace, and Nintendo Switch users can expect to enjoy all of this next year (PC players have already tried the update).

Will you be fighting in space this weekend?

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