Warframe Deimos: Arcana update to bring a new mech

The update is also adding new weapons and levels to play.

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Digital Extremes has announced a new update coming to Warframe, set to release on PC this week, and on consoles later. The update, titled Warframe Deimos: Arcana is looking to bring a variety of new content to help players fight back against the Infested.

Warframe players can expect to find the second Necramech known as the Bonewidow, which uses a sword and shield combination to impale and throw enemies around. This mech also carries a deadly rocket launcher, great for causing havoc across the Cambion Drift.

Likewise, a bunch of new weapons will be on the way, including Infested Beam Pistols, Cernos, Arm Cannons and Nunchaka, as well as the new Infested K-Drive skins. These are just a few of the new items players can look forward to earning in the new update, and to keep gameplay fresh, four new deep underground levels will also be making it into the game. Matching this with Vault Bounties, Hunting and Conservation, the Deimos: Arcana update is looking to keep players entertained as the holidays get ever closer.

Check out the extended update notes here.


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