War Thunder

War Thunder's Red Skies update adds new nuclear blast destruction effects

It has also brought a new tier of modern aircraft, and a couple of new maps to dive into.

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Gaijin Entertainment has now launched the Red Skies update for its military online action title War Thunder. The update has brought a whole range of new content, including new types of aircraft, new maps, and even a more thorough nuclear blast destruction effect.

Available today in-game, Red Skies is introducing Tier VII aviation, which is essentially the most modern set of aircraft in War Thunder to date. The new jets include the American F5 Tiger and the Soviet MiG-23M, the Chinese J-7E, as well as various other vehicles, including the Italian Dante Alighieri battleship. Similarly, this update is also increasing the number of playable vehicles in War Thunder to more than 2000, meaning you can expect more chaotic warfare than before.

In terms of the new maps, two are making an entry. Red Desert is built for top-ranks tanks, and Drowned City is tailored to smaller naval vessels.

Then, as mentioned earlier, the destruction physics for nuclear blasts have also seen improvements. The new animations allow players to watch the map getting obliterated from a number of perspectives, and a new algorithm also generates a mushroom cloud, condensation dome, and a blast wave that realistically interacts with the sky and objects dotted around the map.

If all of that wasn't enough, there have also been a few other changes, including tweaks to ground vehicle damage models to more accurately represent the chances of a round penetrating armour, and there are even 11 new ground vehicles to unlock and take into battle - including the German Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the Marder A1.

You can take a look at the update trailer for Red Skies below that shows off a lot of what has arrived in the patch, or read the full update notes at the link above.

War Thunder

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