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War Thunder

War Thunder update 1.45 goes live

"Steel Generals" playable now as American tanks enter the battlefield.

Gaijin Entertainment have unleashed update 1.45 is now live. Not only does it tweak and balance the game but it adds several new features and content - including new maps, new armored vehicles and aircraft, improved damage model, a tow cable system and reworked Artillery Strikes.

Perhaps most notable is closed beta of the 'Steel Generals' expansion that adds US tanks to the game. The first 6 tanks are available now and new ones will be added each week for a total of 30 US World War II tanks before the end of Q1 2015.

"We're happy to release the update before the holidays to give our players plenty of time to try out the new features. The Steel Generals closed beta and Q1 rollout plan will guarantee that by the time the tanks reach the majority of players, they will be optimized for the epic battle experience that our fans have come to expect." - said CEO of Gaijin Entertainment, Anton Yudintsev.

Follow this link for the complete change log.

The new maps in War Thunder that are added with update 1.45 are:

War ThunderWar Thunder
"Battle for Moscow" - a historical air combat only map that offers 128 x 128 kilometers of wintery Moscow (1941-42).
War ThunderWar ThunderWar Thunder
"White Stone Fortress" is designed for both air and ground combat.
War Thunder
"Eastern Europe" offers a variety of open ground and urban terrain.

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