War Thunder

War Thunder has launched on Xbox One

Naval Battles closed beta is unleashed across all platforms.

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Yesterday saw some big news coming out on War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment. First, the game has launched on Xbox One for people who pick up one of three founder's pack (starting at £15.99/€19.99), it features 4K resolution on Xbox One X and cross-platform play with PC. The full free-to-play launch of War Thunder is set for later this year.

Second, Gaijin has launched the Naval Battles closed beta across all platforms. This new element completes the ambitious vision of combining air, ground, and naval combat into one game. All Xbox One players will have access to the closed beta, while PC and PS4 players can gain access by purchasing a Naval Pack for €49.99 (includes one destroyer, premium currency, and a premium account) or equivalent.

Below is the early launch trailer for the Xbox One version of the game as well as a trailer showcasing the naval closed beta:


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