War Thunder

War Thunder has arrived on PS5 and Xbox Series X

The MMO now runs at 4K 60fps on both next-gen machines.

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War Thunder has now received its most extensive update since it made its way into the wild in 2012. The military MMO has now been enhanced for PS5 and Xbox Series X and runs at 4K 60fps on both platforms. As well as the new versions, the game now looks better across all platforms, as it has moved to a new Dagor 6.0 engine.

It's not just the visuals that have been touched up within the update either, as there is plenty of new content too. The first vertical and take-off aircraft have come to the game and these are the Yak-38 & Yak-38M and the Harrier. Also, 14 new tanks have now arrived, and this includes the T-90A - a tank equipped with an electro-optical jammer and a laser/IR warning system.

Will you be downloading War Thunder on your new console?

War Thunder

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