War Thunder

War Thunder devs on Xbox One omission

Gaijin explains why War Thunder isn't heading to Microsoft's console.

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Gaijin's Anton Yudintsev has explained the reason why the studio decided to opt for a PS4 release for their free-to-play shooter, instead of launching on both next-gen consoles.

"Well the main thing is you need a lot of people in the game for online gaming to make your game successful," Anton Yudintsev told Edge. "And Sony allows us to make cross-platform games for PS4 and they allow us to make simultaneous updates. We have a digital agreement; we can make simultaneous updates on PC and PS4. That means there will be a lot of players playing from day one."

He then added: "PS4 is so powerful, and the architecture is similar to PC, so it's much easier to maintain simultaneous updates."

It was later added that as there's to be no cross-platform multiplayer on Xbox One, at least in the early days of the console's life cycle, and that is a factor behind the studio's decision: "No cross-platform is allowed on Xbox. Cross-platform multiplayer. So the Xbox One ecosystem will be small at the beginning of the cycle. I hope some day Microsoft will be there."

War Thunder is already in beta on PC, and is aiming to be a PS4 launch title when the console lands on November 29.

War Thunder

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