War Thunder

War Thunder adds French tanks with next update

Gaijin Entertainment's free-to-play sim expands.

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Gaijin Entertainment has announced that their flagship free-to-play title War Thunder will add French tanks next having added French air units last month. Update 1.75 will bring with it "dozens of armoured vehicles available from rank I to rank VI". The developer describes the early French tanks as well armoured, in particular heavy tanks like Char B1bis and Char B1ter, however, these do lack a bit of speed and maneouverability and so you'll need to carefully consider more daring and exposed routes.

Later model French tanks (post-war) bring a first to the game with "oscillating turrets", this advancement meant smaller and much more difficult to target turrets.

There is currently no date confirmed for when 1.75 will drop, but on PC you can pre-order specific French tank packs, and these packs will be made available on PS4 when the patch arrives.

War Thunder
AMX 13 SS.11
War Thunder
War Thunder
Sherman M4/FL10

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