Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

WAR scenarios just got better

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One annoying thing about signing up for scenarios in Warhammer Online was that you had to be in the right area to sign up for a certain scenario - high/dark elf pairing for Phoenix Gate, Chaos/Empire for Troll Crossing for example - which meant that a lot of people just went to the place with the most people in and signed up for the scenario there. This meant in turn that it was really easy to get the Chaos/Empire-scenarios going while the others were left to rot (I didn't get into a Phoenix Gate scenario after waiting for an hour, Troll Crossing on the other hand took 15 seconds to get a game going...).

But lo and behold, Mythic are quick to fix stuff like that - now you can sign up for any scenario in your tier from anywhere in the world (not sure about capital cities, but I hope they added that in while they were at it). So sign up for all the scenarios in your tier at the same time and you might just get to see a battle you've never been able to get into before! All is well. You still have to travel to cash in the repeatable scenario-quests though, but I suppose you can't get everything.

On another note, yesterday I realised that PUGs (pick up groups, groups just composed of random players) in Warhammer Online are just as bad as those in World of Warcraft when trying to do the Altdorf Sewers for the first time. Good grief that was awful. Bringing a rank 9 bright wizard to fight rank 15 champions? Awesome. Shoot me now.

Enough nerdery! Go fight for your realm, scrub!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

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