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Titanfall 2

War Games is now live on Titanfall 2

Free update adds maps, executions, and weapon slots.

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The War Games update is finally live on Titanfall 2, adding new content and fixes. The highlight of the content drop is the War Games map, a reworked version of one of the most popular arenas from the first game, but players can also access an original new map called Traffic (only on Live Fire mode). Shadow Boxing, a new execution, can also be performed after you get 20 kills with Holo Pilot or Holo Pilot Nova active.

Another new feature, long-requested by players, is the addition of a third weapon slot for Pilots, allowing for more options on the battlefield. Free Agents, a mode where you need to collect three batteries to call in your Titan, is also now available. Aside from new content, War Games adds several fixes and tweaks to the general game.

You can read the full patch notes here, and see the new content via the trailer below.

Titanfall 2

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