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War Child's Armistice gaming campaign returns

With events for games like Verdun and World of Tanks.

Today marks the launch of War Child UK's Armistice event, a fundraising campaign that encourages peaceful gameplay to support children affected by conflict, with in-game events and content released for players to enjoy.

The campaign first launched last year and is supported by a number of developers and companies, including BlackMill Games & M2H,, Positech Games, as well as new faces Big Huge Games, Flaregames, 11 bit Studios, Focus Home Interactive, XSplit, and Extra Credits, with more partners to be announced soon.

Wayne Emanuel, Gaming Development Manager at War Child, says: "We are thrilled to be working with some amazing studios for a second year and are really excited to be uniting new developers across mobile and console in what has now become an annual fundraiser for War Child UK."

"Together, we want to give players access to new content in their favorite games and for them to join us in raising vital funds and awareness of some of the challenges faced by the world's most disadvantaged children."

Last year the Armistice raised over £100,000 in eight weeks, which was a hugely successful campaign for War Child, and the campaign itself is kickstarted with the Armistice Steam Sale, reducing a number of games until November 13, with up to 100% of proceeds going to the charity.

In terms of in-game events, Verdun will host a two-minute silence on November 11, where players can pay their respects, and the same Christmas Truce DLC (which raised over £17,000 last year) will be activated again in the game, allowing players to engage in snowball fights, play football, and send postcards to loved ones.

World of Tanks is also launching peace emblems, a purchasable cosmetic item that players can use to show their support for the cause. Over 22,000 players downloaded these last year, raising £68,000.

More on the cause can be found over on the official website. How will you show your support?

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