Volvo Cars uses "ultimate driving simulator" to develop safer cars

The technology is being used to test driver-assistance features and to test roads.

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A few days ago, Volvo unveiled a brand-new simulation designed for making cars safer than ever before. Known as the "ultimate driving simulator," this virtual reality experience is being used to ensure Volvo's already high car safety standards are even higher.

Demonstrated on Wednesday, November 18, the VR simulation was shown off in a livestream from Volvo's Open Innovation Arena, hosted by a team of its innovation experts. The setup involved uses a moving driver's seat, a steering wheel with haptic feedback and a VR headset, and the concept is to use the equipment, along with a Teslasuit that provides haptic feedback across the body to monitor the driver in dangerous scenarios, which could otherwise endanger someone in reality.

With this cutting edge tech, testers can be subject to simulated driving experiences, to both test driver-assistance features and other new concepts coming to vehicles, but also to test new roads. Essentially the limits are endless, provided they can be coded.

"Working together with great companies such as Varjo, Unity and Teslasuit has allowed us to test so many scenarios that look and feel totally real, without having to physically build anything," said Casper Wickman. "It lets us test drive actual cars in traffic scenarios that look and feel real but can be adjusted at the touch of a button."

You can check out a replay of the testing here.

Volvo Cars uses "ultimate driving simulator" to develop safer cars
Volvo Cars uses "ultimate driving simulator" to develop safer carsVolvo Cars uses "ultimate driving simulator" to develop safer cars

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