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Saints Row: The Third

Volition puts a real-life Saints Row Genki Manapult on ebay

Special vehicle auctioned off for charity.

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Do you remember the Genki Manapult that was released as DLC for Saints Row: The Third? Now developer Volition is auctioning off a real truck (1956 Ford F-100) based on this specific in-game vehicle, and for a good cause (all proceeds go to Wings for Life). The bidding on eBay starts at $7,500 and it looks strikingly similar to the Genki Manapult truck we learned to love in the game.

The Manapult doesn't fires off people though (which would have been infinite amounts of cool), but t-shirts, and was used as a promotional vehicle by former publisher THQ. Just to make things better it's also equipped with a stereo and outside PA System, as if the looks of the Genki Mobile wasn't enough to attract attention.

The auction is ending on Saturday, December 13th. If you feel this is something that would make you life better - visit the auction on eBay and place a bid. Just be prepared for a pretty massive shipping cost if you can convince Volition to export it to Europe.

Saints Row: The Third

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