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Vodafone Giants applying for EU LCS franchise position

They revealed the news on Twitter.

The esports organisation Vodafone Giants have taken to Twitter to reveal some exciting League of Legends news for their fans, as they may well be joining the European side of the League of Legends Championship Series' newly franchised form.

"We love League of Legends and its community, the game is part of our DNA, that's why we have applied for Riot Games' EULCS long-term partnership," they write. "We'd like to start a new chapter in our history books together with you, our fans. #WeAreGiants."

After the North American competition franchised, the European side is following suit, which is why they've "applied" to be a part of it, although only time will tell if they're successful or not. Are you a Giants fan?

League of Legends
Photo: Vodafone Giants

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