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Vo0 and SteelSeries reveal partnership

This will help with SteelSeries' product development.

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SteelSeries has announced that they are sponsoring Sander 'Vo0' Kaasjager, a hugely successful Painkiller player who is now competing at the top level in Quake Champions.

Vo0 and Kaasjager will work together to help with the former's product development. "With Kaasjager's unique perspective of being a former two-time World Champion, Esports Player of the Year, and a fully qualified mechanical engineer, he will work with SteelSeries extensively on the development of future products," the press release reads. "He will help guide and validate the products, whilst providing direct competitive feedback daily. As a world champion, Kaasjager knows what esports professionals need in a product and won't accept any substitute."

"I've been using SteelSeries products my entire career," said Vo0. "They've been the only brand I've trusted in the competitive environment, so it's an honor to join the team to help SteelSeries innovate and bring the highest-performing esports peripherals to gamers everywhere."

This weekend Vo0 is heading the DreamHack Denver to compete in Quake Champions there, with $75,000 USD at stake. Is this a good partnership for the pair?

Quake Champions
Photo: Myztro Gaming

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