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Vive Infinity subscription service landing on April 2

We also have pricing information for the VR program featuring over 600 titles, not to mention a free trial for users.

Back in January HTC unveiled the Viveport Infinity subscription service, which allows those with VR headsets to try a whole catalogue of games, and now they've revealed further details on the service.

This service will launch on April 2 and will be available for $12.99 USD a month, or $99 for the year (on the official site we find out the GBP prices of £19.99 for three months, £39.99 for six months, and £79.99 for a year. In terms of euros the price is 9.99 for one month, 22.99 for three, 45.99 for six, and 89.99 for a year). This will give you access to over 600 apps and games, and those who are current members or who have pre-paid subscriptions before April 2 will keep their current price until the end of the year.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs has timed their launch in subscription to coincide with the global release too, meaning this is one of the games you can play on the service. You can even get a two-week free trial before you buy.

"We have built a new model for VR that shines a light on the great library of VR content this industry has developed and gives users a reason to spend more time in headset than ever before," said Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport. "At the same time, we're increasing developer reach and potential revenue as more developers can monetize a single Infinity user. We believe this model matches how consumers want to experience VR."

This is available to those with a HTC Vive headset of course, but Oculus Rift owners can also get involved, not to mention those who have any standalone headset using Vive's Wave platform.

On top of that Viveport will also increase the developer's share of revenue from 70/30 up to 80/20 running from April 1 to the end of 2019, applying to all titles in the Infinity program.

Infinity subscribers will get perks aside from the catalogue of games too, including weekend deals on certain titles, free games, and monthly coupons, like a 10% coupon at the start of every month starting at launch which can be spent anywhere on Viveport's store. A store-wide sale is also coming at launch from April 2 to 7, featuring over 100 titles.

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Vive Infinity subscription service landing on April 2
Vive Infinity subscription service landing on April 2
Vive Infinity subscription service landing on April 2

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