Vita's focus on indies - Sony lures mobile devs with new tools

Triple-A and first-party games to be a thing of the past.

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Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the official version of "Unity for PlayStation Mobile" will be available starting today. The toolset is optimized for converting iOS and Android games for PlayStation Vita and Playstation TV.

"This opens up the PS Vita platform to a broader range of mobile developers and will help fuel the expansion of the gaming lineup for both the PS Vita and PS TV systems", Sony said in their press release.

Additionally, the toolset helps developers to create games that incorporate the unique features of the PS Vita system, such as its dual analog sticks and the rear touchpad.

Small indie games may become the true heartbeat of Vita as Sony has indicated the days of Uncharted-grade big bang games on the handheld are coming to end and there will be less first party titles from now on.

"It's very fortunate that the indie boom happened and they are providing lots of great content to Vita", Playstation boss Shuhei Yoshida told Polygon.

"Gameplay, game mechanic wise, people want to spend 10 minutes, 15 minutes getting in and out. On Vita, it's great with suspended functionality, so these indie games really great for that from a game design standpoint."

Vita's focus on indies - Sony lures mobile devs with new tools

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