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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Vitality and Chaos are your IEM Beijing-Haidian EU/NA champions

Both teams have now qualified for the IEM Global Challenge set for mid-December.

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The Intel Extreme Masters Beijing-Haidian North American and European finals have concluded, seeing Chaos Esports Club and Team Vitality take the victories in each respective region. The result of these tournaments mean that both teams have qualified for the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge set to begin on December 15, lasting until December 20.

For the EU tournament, Vitality knocked out NA'VI in the finals, in a series that saw Vitality claw back a victory despite being 2-0 down rolling into the third map. The comeback saw the EU team take down s1mple's Natus Vincere, securing a $60,000 prize pool, as well as qualification to the next event.

On the North American side, Chaos Esports Club defeated Triumph, in a 3-1 set, securing a $35,000 prize pool, alongside qualification to the next event as well. Due to the NA tournament featuring less global-standard teams, the tournament only featured a fraction of the competition, hence the much lower prize pool on offer.

The next major event for both Vitality and Chaos will see them in differing tournaments. For Vitality that will be the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 starting on December 8, and for Chaos that will be Dreamhack Masters Winter: 2020 North America, beginning in just a week's time.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Intel Extreme Masters

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