Vision will be getting its own Disney+ series

And Paul Bettany will be returning to portray the character again.

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It has been years since WandaVision concluded and a very different version of the Marvel character Vision flew off and seemingly vanished from existence. Since then, we have had no signs of Vision's existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it does seem as though we'll be getting some answers as to where the robotic character has been in the near future.

Variety has reported that Disney has signed an agreement with Star Trek: Picard's Terry Matalas to see the creator serving as the showrunner for a new Disney+ series that will see Paul Bettany back and reprising his role as Vision.

The firm details of this series are unknown as of now, other than the fact that it is eyeing a 2026 release. This is seemingly a different project to the Vision Quest show that was supposed to be in development following the conclusion of WandaVision, and has since fallen to the wayside. This new series is however the first live-action series order from Marvel in around two years, suggesting that Disney and Marvel do see a future in creating original TV works for Disney+.

Vision will be getting its own Disney+ series

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