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Vision to get its own Marvel Cinematic Universe series

Paul Bettany will be back as the superhero.

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We haven't seen or heard a whole lot about Vision ever since WandaVision ended almost two years ago, but it looks like that will be rectified fairly soon. As has been reported by Deadline, Paul Bettany's character will be returning in its own spinoff series for Disney+, simply known as Vision Quest.

The exact plot for the series remains to be determined, as a writers room is being opened up for the series this week, but it seems like the general premise will revolve around Vision looking to regain his memory and his humanity.

The big question does of course surround whether this spinoff series will see Elizabeth Olsen returning in some form as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, but considering the last time we saw the character she met a rather miserable outcome, a return so soon would be an unusual one.

Vision Quest will be the second spinoff to spinoff from the MCU spinoff series WandaVision, with the first being Agatha: House of Harkness, a series that is expected to debut in the winter of 2023.

Vision to get its own Marvel Cinematic Universe series

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