Visage has many endings despite not reaching Kickstarter goal

The commitment to different player experiences has swayed the decision.

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SadSquare Studio has announced that their upcoming psychological horror title Visage will be receiving multiple endings when it launches next year, despite the game not reaching its Kickstarter stretch goal.

Even though over 3,000 backers funded the project when its crowdfunding campaign launched earlier this year, the game came up short of the $160,000 US dollars necessary to allow for multiple endings.

"Now now, yes we know that we didn't reach the goal for this specific feature, but the thing is, we really don't want to create an experience that should be finished and done with after the first try. We want the player to feel like [they've] achieved something, that [they] deserve to get the "good ending", as some say," the announcement reads.

"Visage has always been about making sure that everyone gets a different experience, and we felt that leaving the player with only one ending would get in the way of reaching that very goal."

Visage will be coming out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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