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Violent Santa gets hilarious first trailer

Let's just say this doesn't look like your typical Christmas flick.

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Every year, all major film companies have new Christmas movies ready in December. Most of them are really forgettable, while other becomes classics people love to watch for decades. We do believe that Violent Night might actually stand a chance to become one of the latter.

This is a Christmas movie made by the John Wick director David Leitch, with David Harbour (Stranger Things) as good ol' Santa Claus, who has to defend Christmas from being ruined by a bunch of mercenaries. Let's just say it seems to be a quite different story than the Tim Allen movie we reported about a few weeks ago...

Check out the first trailer below. Violent Santa premieres on December 2. As it is published by Universal, we assume it will eventually show up on the streaming service Peacock, although nothing has been confirmed.

Violent Santa gets hilarious first trailer

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