Yoku's Island Express

Villa Gorilla on the choice of a dung beetle as main character

"...apart from the obvious poop jokes, it fits what we wanted to do in terms of scale..."

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We recently had a chat with Swedish indie developer Villa Gorilla about their upcoming debut title Yoku's Island Express. An open-world pinball adventure with a metroidvania structure and striking design. But perhaps what's most interesting is the choice of main character; a dung beetle.

"We talked about a creature that could be rolled up into a ball, that's been done in a few games," sais co-founder Jens Andersson of the decision to cast a dung beetle as the main character. "But the dung beetle really fits, apart from the obvious poop jokes, it fits what we wanted to do in terms of scale with the island and in terms of the fantasy themes of the island."

Of the game itself, Andersson had this to say:

"The game is a 2D Metroid slash open world pinball game. You control Yoku, the dungle beetle, and you also control the flippers throughout the island. So we sort of mix these kind of elements seemlessly to create interesting gameplay."

Yoku's Island Express is targeting release during the winter 2017/2018 on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Yoku's Island Express

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