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Vigor's Season 2: Hunters is now live, bringing plenty of content

Bohemia Interactive's Vigor was recently updated with its second season content which brings plenty of content and a free tier to its battle pass.

Vigor, the Xbox One exclusive free-to-play tactical action game by Bohemia Interactive, was recently updated, bringing the second season to the game. Season 2: Hunters brings new weapons, tools, gameplay enhancements and a free battle pass tier. The battle pass for the game has been changed to offer faster progression and has also received a permanent price drop (this price drop is store-wide) for those interested in getting some fancy customising options to show off in-game.

In the game, you'll find the following updates:

New Tools - Hunters bring new handy tools, which make the prey an easy lot.

- Fake Glint
- Portable Signal Detector

New Weapons

- Crossbow
- Mosin Nagant
- The John

Bullet Penetration revision
Character, Camera, and Combat polish

Interested in learning more about the game? Check the official site out here.

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