ASUS ROG NUC 970 (Quick Look) - A Small Form Factor Powerhouse

If you're looking for a small but still powerful bit of gaming kit that holds more space for its parts to breathe than a laptop, you might be interested in this nifty box from ASUS.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
We are basically a couple of months, if not six months, deep in Intel's brand new mobile chipsets, the Intel Ultra series basically, which are these small, less power-hungry chips for laptops and for just small form-factor computing, which has seen a pretty significant jump towards offering up just better CPU performance in these tighter laptop chassis."

"But what if you took a pretty, like a small, but one of the beefier versions from the Intel Ultra series, and you gave it just a bit more space, particularly width, to breathe, and then combine it with a graphics card to make a really lightweight desktop.
That is exactly what ASUS have done, and this is called the ASUS ROG NUC 970."

"Now NUC is based on the particular naming scheme that Intel themselves have been offering from their small form-factor PCs for a little while.
Some of those NUCs were actually made for gaming, but this ROG NUC right here is very much built for that particular purpose."

"As you can probably see from these rubber standoffs here on the side, you can either lay it down sort of like a mini console, but this is much smaller than a console.
This is almost akin to a set-top box, but you also can fit the stand, which you get in the box, meaning that it can stand up, meaning that if you have a tight setup, width-wise, this can just be hidden almost over in a corner."

"Really, really cool stuff.
So this is the actual machine.
It's quite heavy, it's 2.6 kilograms, but you've got to admit, it's really small.
This is like a fourth of a PS5 and half of an Xbox Series X."

"So point is that if space-saving is the most important thing for you and you want a desktop setup, well, this might be the thing for you.
It is very expensive before we get into the rest of the specs.
If you want this particular version, which is the beefier 4070 version with an Intel Ultra 9, this is like 2,600 euros, which you can get a pretty beefy gaming laptop for."

"So whether or not it's worth it, well, that's going to come down to the performance numbers because it has more space inside the chassis to breathe than you have in a thin Asus Zephyrus, ROG Zephyrus G15, for instance, which just have to be a lot thinner.
So whether or not that extra cooling capability means that the chip, both on the GPU and the CPU side, can offer up more performance, well, that is something that we're going to have to figure out."

"But as I said, you can get this with an Intel Ultra 9 and an RTX 4070.
That's really cool.
Regardless of the version that you get, all of them have an NVMe drive with three additional slots and plenty of memory, mind you."

"So both RAM and SSD space shouldn't really be a problem for any kind of gaming.
Round back here, we have 2.5 gigabit ethernet, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi 6E.
That's all standard as well, regardless of version.
You also have Thunderbolt 4 ports and six USB ports alongside HDMI 2.1, which is great, alongside two DisplayPort 1.4a ports."

"Now cooling inside, which again, is going to prove to be really vital for basically the idea, the concept of this machine, is done via a vapor chamber inside and integrated heat pipes.
Basically meaning that while we are seeing vapor chambers on laptops as well, it probably isn't as big as the one that they can fit here."

"So again, hopefully, hopefully, this offers up more performance because it has that cooling overhead.
I also still think that it's kind of cool.
I mean, sure, it's pretty Republic of Gamers-esque, but it's just a matte black little box.
Meaning that if you wanted to do some gaming on the side and create a little productivity hub at home in a desktop setting, this is a really cool way to save a lot of space."

"And if there's one thing that we're seeing, even from like mini ITX cabinet PCs, if you don't want to build something yourself that's really a hassle, this could be a really good shortcut to some good performance.
We'll write something up for you very soon."

"See you on the next one."





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