GRTV News - Game Pass to get a price hike and new tier

Everything gets much more expensive and complicated come September.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News.
Today we have a really interesting one for you.
We're talking about Game Pass and the reason why we're talking about it is because it's going to be going through a few different changes."

"Some things that are quite common changes for these kind of subscription models and other ones that are a little bit confusing really.
Basically Game Pass is getting a price hike to start with.
So it's going to cost more money to access Game Pass on a monthly basis, which you know Microsoft make a lot of money, they're a trillion dollar corporation, I'm sure they don't need more money but that's just the way things happen."

"We see it across the board with subscription services getting increasingly costly all the time so it's not a massive surprise that.
What is quite surprising is that they've now also introduced another tier to Game Pass.
So the already confusing Game Pass model is becoming even more confusing and this one basically has everything that Game Pass has except day one launches."

"So let's dive on in and see what's happening.
So Xbox confirms Game Pass is getting a price increase in new tier, the cheapest option will not give you Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda or Activision Blizzard games at launch.
So Xbox Game Studios games becoming more available on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles weren't the only rumour changes that made the internet go nuts earlier this year."

"We've also heard rumblings about Game Pass changing with a price increase, new tiers and more.
Now it's time to see how players react to the confirmation of the latter because Windows Central's Jez Corden has received confirmation from Microsoft that Game Pass will go through multiple changes in the coming weeks and months and these are what the changes are."

"So to start with Xbox Game Pass for console will be replaced by a new tier called Xbox Game Pass Standard.
This will only give you access to Microsoft's back catalogue of games as it won't include first party games on launch day anymore."

"Standard will be priced at $15 per month.
So again this is all in dollars by the way, I don't have the UK pricing at the moment or the European pricing or anything like that but we're just going to go with dollars.
For those wanting a brief sort of idea conversion thing it's probably about £10 per month at the moment."

"But anyway, those of you who already subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for console will keep it.
So you'll get, so you still get Xbox Game Studio games on day one and such.
It's already too late to subscribe to this now however as new members won't get the option starting today."

"From the 12th of September existing subscribers, existing subscribers will be able to stack Xbox Game Pass for console for up to 13 months.
If you already have more than 13 months stacked you won't be impacted by this.
So you don't already have Xbox Game Pass console, if you, or should we say if you don't already have Xbox Game Pass standard as it's now being called, if you buy it now, if you go to that tier, you get all the back catalogue of stuff but you don't get day one launches that are coming out in the future."

"If you already have been subscribing to that tier which is just Xbox Game Pass for consoles then you will retain the access to day one launches and you'll be able to stack that particular subscription that you had then for like 13 months and I'm assuming after the 13 months you'll have to either upgrade to one of the new tiers that give day one launches or you will lose day one launch availability."

"Carrying on, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will not be changed but it will get its expected price increase.
The new price will be $20 per month instead of the current $17 so basically converting that to pounds as well, you're probably looking at like a £2 price increase per month."

"It's quite a significant increase really but you get a lot of value out of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and as we were talking about this earlier in the year when it was confirmed that Black Ops 6 would be coming to Game Pass and all these things, this was going to happen.
When Microsoft shells out $70 billion for a major publisher for all of this new IP then it's going to come at a cost to the consumers and that's what we're seeing already now with the rise of the significant price increase as well for Game Pass."

"Continuing on, so then it makes sense that PC Game Pass is also getting more expensive going from $10 to $12 per month, again probably looking at about a £1-£2 increase as well.
Xbox Game Pass Core, so this is the one that basically, Game Pass Core was essentially just Xbox Live Gold so you got the games with gold stuff, online accessibility but basically very little else."

"So this is now changing and, so this is changing a little bit should we say, it's getting a price increase in some ways.
This is why it's all confusing because the monthly cost of Xbox Game Pass Core will remain at $10 per month but the annual subscription is going to go from $60 to $75."

"So it's still a, you're still saving a lot of money if you buy the annual subscription instead of going for the monthly one because if you pay 12 months for the monthly one it costs you like over $120 or something mad, or just under $120 whereas right now, even right now it's still only $75 at a max whereas before it was $60 which is a huge difference between the monthly cost and the annual subscription but anyway, slight price change for that model."

"And then last of all, the price increases will be global so you can find the new prices for your country here.
Again, if you want to go check out the exact pricings for all these things you can do that via the link that Eric shared there and we're told that the new prices will go into effect on the 12th of September so you might want to extend your subscription for cheap when you can."

"And that's again, when we come back to this stuff here, being able to stack your Game Pass subscription.
So it's good, everything's getting pricier so if you don't already, stack it, stack it if you can."

"Or, you know, pick up an annual subscription on the 11th of September so that it will go for as long as it possibly can before you have to pay the price you want.
Anyway, yeah, what do you think about these changes?
Are they worth it for Golden Duke Black Ops 6, Ingeneer Jones, The Greatest Circle and more?
So yeah, these are all things that, again, they're not surprising, especially, we see subscription price models increase on a regular basis but this is something that we've been saying for a long time."

"Yes, there's a benefit to Call of Duty and Activision Blizzard titles coming to Game Pass but the counterpoint to that is that it's gonna become more expensive because there's no way that they pay 70 billion dollars and they continue to offer the stuff that they already had at the same price."

"It's just not plausible.
So this is happening partly because of that, partly because of inflation, all those things.
I wouldn't be surprised to say that once this price change has been put into effect, after six months, we're probably looking at something similar."

"Hopefully if Call of Duty Black Ops 6 brings, you know, like 10 million new subscribers to Game Pass or something like that.
So stay tuned for more price increases, it will happen even if it's not, even if it's not to do with the 70 billion dollar Activision Blizzard deal or whether it's just inflation."

"This won't be the last time we see a price increase.
Stay tuned for that.
But hopefully it will be the last time we see though is the confusing changes to Game Pass."

"If anything, they need less tiers, ones that make more sense because right now it's just chaos.
It's so just all over the place.
But yeah, let us know what you think about it."

"Do you think this is a useful change or do you think it's just wholly strange and peculiar and confusing?
I'm personally in the latter category.
But anyway, this has been all the time I have in today's GRTV News."

"Quite a long one, but a lot of confusing things to get through.
I'll be back now tomorrow for the next one of the week, so stay tuned for that and otherwise, yeah, hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.
Take care, everyone."





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